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Friendly Philosophies Book Release Party

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Bogreception i den runde foyer
Forfattere: Becky Strohmer og JT Tyrell

About the event:

This event is a celebration of the publication of our book but it is also a celebration of human connection and intellectual development. It is open to the public as we would like to meet as many new people as possible, trade stimulating ideas, and develop new friendships. So come raise a glass and party with us, we want to meet you! The first 100 beers are on us! (Standard pricing of Theatre Momentum's bar applies, beers start at 20kr)

We will give away two "gift packages" at the event to randomly selected attendees. Each gift package includes a copy of the book and a bottle of wine.

About the book:

Friendly Philosophies is a book written by Becky Strohmer and JT Thyrré Klarskov. It contains 64 wide-ranging topics from gun control to sex robots to body hair. Each author writes brief, open-ended thoughts per topic.

-Why we wrote it: 

We've written the book in hopes that it will spark new thought and meaningful discussion among its readers. We do not claim to have any answers or revolutionary ideas, or to be better at discussion than others. We simply wish to provide suggestions for new discussion topics and share our own perspectives for inspiration. 

-Why it matters: 

In today's world, we are increasingly isolated from one another. The political climate promotes a fear of strangers and an "us versus them" rhetoric. We hope that, by encouraging conversation between people of various backgrounds, this book will help to build a platform for people to talk and listen to each other, promote understanding and education, and ultimately bring people closer together.

About the authors:

Becky is a lifelong geek that never made it past the childhood question "why?". Always seeking knowledge and never quite satisfied led to a passion for science and philosophy. Becky is currently doing a Master's in Electronics Engineering, adding to a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics. Additionally, they are a long-time LGBT advocate and have a TEDx talk focusing on gender.

JT is a creative person who is passionate about music and other art. He has always been curious about how and why we do what we do in personal and societal contexts and loves to engage in inspiring discussion. He has studied at the Danish National Academy of Music and is also a welder by trade. He is looking to go back to university in the near future.