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Noll IQ - DeathTrap - Power Regression

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Teater Momentum åbner endnu engang dørene for et stærkt line-up indenfor punken.

Noll IQ (Grindcore, Sverige)
NoLL iQ with members in both Denmark and Sweden is a quartette of blastbeathammerin’ goodfornothing’s. They call their music “powermangel”, an obnoxious punk offspring in the vein of Heresy and Siege but with influences from d-beat bands such as Mob 47. The band has toured Europe and UK, and is now ready to unleash their latest creation that is the split 7” with longtime friends, Odense’s own Extended Suicide.

DeathTrap (Death/Grind/Crust, Sverige)
Sweden’s DeathTrap blends crust punk with death metal guitars into the deadly tornado that is their unique grind madness. They put out the cassette “You Pollute My World” in 2014, and has played numerous shows all over Scandinavia, including one tour with italian grind-outfit Dysmorfic and another with czech grinders Bombatölczer. FFO Rotten Sound, Nasum, Wormrot etc

Power Regression (Punk Rock, Odense)
Power Regression is a vigorous, loud playing Danish punk-rock band, who mixes catchy melodies with shouting attitudes.
Power Regression's music shows the world, that all you really need is a Guitar, a Bass, some Drums and a out of control, over the top lead singer!

+ special guest performance: Extended IQ
Noll IQ performing Extended Suicide songs with Extended Suicide singer, Fali Ponce, on vocals!

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