Spiritual jazz, Rock, Free Jazz, Electronica

En italiensk duo bestående af Andrea Polato og Marco Dalle Luche.  

Kraftfuld, men til tider øm og introspektiv musik, med inspiration fra såvel jazz- som rockverdenen og kilder som Can, Miles Davis og Herbie Hancock. Satelliti bryder grænser; det er personligt, følelsesladet, om end præcist og til tider næsten mekanisk.   

Om musiken siger Satelliti selv: “We think that our music gives the listener the chance to travel (…) It’s not like we’re speaking to them directly; more like we’re inviting them to have their own trip.”

Pressen har skrevet: 

“Ominous, sporadic and constantly evolving with one foot firmly planted at its core of rough tongued synths and squealing piggy jazz guitars this album flows and converges. There a sense of opposing forces, dancing around each other fighting for centre stage leaving roughed up as each beat takes you by surprise. And I love it.” - Richard Hind, The 405

“If the word jazz frightens you, then think of what they do as rock, or dance, or something else entirely, because what they do is all of those things at once, and it deserves to be heard.” - Nick Southall, The Quietus

“Open your mind to it and it shall reward you handsomely” - Simon Tucker, Louder than war

“This is fucking brilliant (9/10)” - Vice magazine

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