Eco bar with cheap prices.
Experimental professional theater:
physical theater, performance, monologues, contemporary dance. 
Koncerts: punk, jazz, world, fusion, folk.
Talks and lectures.
Art films.
Open premiere parties
At every page for every presentation you can read which genre the performances are.
Is the performance in english language or nonverbal, we have translated the info text into english.

But how?!
www.teatermomentum.dk / [email protected] / (+45) 63 11 78 10 / facebook

Ny Vestergade, 18
5000 Odense C
Right across Munke Mose

Annual card: 600 kr. / 400 kr. > 25y
Regular Ticket: 200 kr.
Group Ticket (min. 6 people): 130 kr.
Youth Ticket (under 25 years old): 100 kr.
Youth Group Ticket (min. 6 people): 80 kr.
School Ticket (min. 20 people under 25 years old): 60 kr.
Poor people: 60 kr.